5 Business Models for Your Nanny Agency

Running and growing a nanny agency is hard yet rewarding work. If you’re considering starting your own agency, or you’re an agency owner thinking of changing up their business model, this blog post can help. I talk about different business models for nanny agencies so that you can choose one that will best fit your [...]

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How Agencies Can Prepare for the Holidays

As the winter holidays approach in November and December, many parents prepare to take time off to travel, take family vacations, or visit loved ones elsewhere. Plus, flu season typically begins when fall does; most flu activity in the United States peaks between December and February. With COVID-19 this year, things may be even more [...]

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What You Can Do While Business is Slow

Many small businesses built on in-person services, like nanny agencies, have seen their operations slow down during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if your agency is nearly back to normal now, you may have had to adjust your routine or operations to adapt. That can leave some gaps in your workday that you’re not quite sure [...]

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Have You Checked In On Your Agency Lately?

You’ve adapted your business practices, nanny team, work routine, your budget, and maybe even the agency services you offer because of the pandemic. All these changes may have been necessary to keep your agency running, but one thing doesn’t have to change.You can still stay true to your business and your original vision for the agency [...]

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5 Tips for Adjusting Your Nanny Agency’s Budget After Coronavirus

We’re six months into the coronavirus pandemic and many of us have had to pivot our agency operations. We’re doing virtual interviews with nannies and having Zoom meetings with our agency clients. Social distancing and hand washing are part of every conversation now. You’ve tweaked your agency’s operations in many ways during the pandemic, but [...]

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