Go-to Resources for Nanny Agency Owners

June 29, 2020

Being a nanny takes dedication and hard work. So does being a nanny agency owner. I know that, sometimes, it feels like there are tons of resources for nannies out there, but not many resources for you as the agency owner! While I hope to be a resource to help you grow your agency, I know it’s important to have extra resources to tap into when you need them.

That’s the purpose of my blog post today: to share a few websites, podcasts, and blogs that can help support your career as a nanny agency owner.

Business resources

U.S. Small Business Administration

The SBA has tons of helpful articles and links for launching, running, and growing a small business. Their Coronavirus (COVID-19) page also guides small business owners through their loan and debt relief options for the pandemic, if you need that information.

The SBA also works with the Office of Women’s Business Ownership to make resources available to women entrepreneurs. Browse through their women’s business resources to learn about economic opportunities, find support and business advice from other women, or look through research on women entrepreneurship.

Stand for Small

Stand for Small is a group of companies dedicated to helping small businesses thrive, launched by American Express. Stand for Small offers many resources and special deals through partner companies that nanny agency owners can use, such as:

  • Budgeting tools through CashFlowTool
  • Payroll programs like Paychex and Gusto
  • Business tools through Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce
  • Online and collaboration services through GoDaddy, ComCast, and Verizon

Check out the rest of Stand for Small’s resources here.


SCORE is a nonprofit organization that helps small businesses by providing mentoring, webinars, online courses, local events, and online resources. Lately, many of their resources are COVID-19 focused, which can come in handy for nanny agency owners. However, there are a ton of great “evergreen” resources to help you build a strong business foundation.

Here are some of my favorite recent blogs and online guides:

Be sure to browse through their library of sources to find other posts that speak to you!

The International Nanny Association

Do you have questions about tax compliance? Need extra guidance on employer agreements, marketing tools, or running your day-to-day business? How about a place to find support from other nanny agency owners? The International Nanny Association has an excellent wealth of resources.


There are so many wonderful podcasts by and for nannies and small business owners out there. Here are some of my favorites!

Nanny-focused podcasts

These podcasts are great to share with your nannies, and to listen to yourself so you keep your pulse on issues affecting nannies:

Small business podcasts

At the end of the day, you own a business and it’s important to keep up with what’s working for other small businesses. I love these podcasts, and there are so many other great ones out there! 

  • Support is Sexy features interviews with inspiring women entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Marketing School shares bite-sized episodes (5 to 10 minutes long) on digital marketing and online marketing.
  • How I Built This dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies.
  • Business Casual focuses on hot business topics in the news.
  • Breaking Down Your Business discusses common problems small business owners face and offers up tools for fixing them.


Prefer reading to listening? Take a look through these small business blogs and nanny blogs.

  • Preferred ChildCare. You didn’t think I’d leave my own blog off the list, did you? The Preferred ChildCare blog is just getting started, so tune in for future posts! 
  • She Owns It, a blog for women in business to help you grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Nanny Mag may be a subscription publication, but there are tons of free articles available online!
  • Duct Tape Marketing has plenty of tips and tricks on marketing.
  • Gusto shares tons of helpful resources on company policies, taxes, hiring new employees and more.

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Did I miss any of your favorite websites, podcasts, or organizations for agency owners or nannies? Please let me know!

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