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There’s no point in having knowledge and experience and not sharing it. We’re passionate about helping others – it’s why Megan Metzger Consulting (MMC) was created in the first place. With an engaging and dynamic speaker at the helm of the company, it makes sense that Megan Lightfoot is often sought out for speaking engagements, workshops, and presentations across industries.

Whether your event is attended by 25 or 2,500, Megan will teach, surprise, inspire, and delight your participants into learning, growing, becoming bolder and more confident in their endeavors.

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Megan Metzger

Previous Speaking Engagements

Go Daddy Virtual Events
5 ways to grow your business today, July 2021

Go Daddy Virtual Events
Spotlight feature, February 2021

Real Talk with Tonya Sakowitz
Spotlight feature, November 2020

Association of Premier Nanny Agencies
Virtual presentation, October 2020
“Level Up: How to take your agency to new heights“
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Greensboro, NC
KEYNOTE SPEAKER, November 2019
“Living an Authentic Life”
International Nanny Association, New Orleans, LA
New Agency Workshop, March 2019
Women in Motion, Thomasville, NC
KEYNOTE SPEAKER, February 2019
“How to be authentic in a fake world”
International Nanny Association, Tucson, AZ
New Agency Workshop, May 2018
The International Nanny Association, Chicago, IL

Megan was the Keynote speaker at the 2017 INA Conference in Chicago. Her audience walked away with tools, models, inventories and more, but the primary goal was to help the audience at INA place their business and personal activities into a model of sustainability and balance rooted by emphasis on value.
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
The Bryan School of Business
Business 115: Personal Development, Instructor, Fall 2019
Basic to Business Panelist, 2016
Employer Spotlight, 2016
Entrepreneurship Day Speaker, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Megan is a frequent speaker at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Speaking to groups of 50-250 Megan tells her story of how she started her business as a student at UNCG and the life lessons she learned along the way. Providing an engaging and honest approach, she leaves each student encouraged that they can create something bigger than themselves if they have passion, hard work, and are not afraid to fail.
The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, San Antonio, TX
Core Values: How to Discover and Align Your Company Culture, 2016

In this workshop, participants worked together to define their core values and create value statements to make their core values come to life. Megan taught the importance of core values within a company culture and give real life examples of how to incorporate them into hiring, performance reviews, and day to day interactions. This workshop left participants striving to immediately create the environment in which they want to work and grow.
The International Nanny Association, Washington, DC
Six Keys To A Winning Team, 2016

In this workshop, participants learned tools and techniques to recruit and retain top talent. In an interactive style, participants learned about their individual personality style and how to best relate to others. This fun, engaging workshop is always a hit and teaches participants that the main job of a business owner is to take care of their team.
The International Nanny Association, Washington, DC
Momprenuers- How to Balance Family and Career, 2016

This real and raw conversation style workshop answered some of the toughest challenges to managing a family and a business. Megan shared her personal journey from building a business while having young children at home to becoming a single Mom of three. This workshop exposed the highs and lows of business ownership.
The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, Scottsdale, AZ
Building Your Temp Business, 2015

This panel discussion could also be designed in a workshop format teaching participants the “ins and outs” of the temp business. With one of the largest temp divisions in the nation, Megan Metzger shared the keys to recruiting, retaining, and successfully placing temp nannies in homes, churches and businesses.
The International Nanny Association, Cancun, Mexico
Leveraging Your Community to Grow Your Business, 2015

In this workshop, Megan gave real-life examples of ways Preferred ChildCare has leveraged their community through strategical alliances, partnerships and innovative thinking. Participants were encouraged to learn from one another and were given the opportunity to create a 90-day plan to implement their newly acquired skills.
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"Megan Metzger has been an excellent resource for my agency. The depth of her knowledge is exceptional. She was quick to understand my needs, what I wanted to accomplish, and helped me implement processes and strategies to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Megan to agencies with consulting/training needs or anyone looking to start an agency."
Betsy Fernandez
Owner, Bettsy Jane Agency
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The PCC Kit

Decades of experience running a large top-rated nanny agency, at your disposal

• Agency-Family Client Contracts
• Agency-Nanny Contracts
• Confidentiality Agreements – Nanny
• Confidentiality Agreements – Office Staff
• Family-Nanny Agreements
• Worksheets and Logs
• 12 Month Business Budget Workbooks
• Start-up Costs Worksheet and Workbooks
• Cost Calculator
• Temp Placements Fees & Policies
• Church Fees & Policies
• Process for Answering Phone Calls (W/Documents)
• General Services Offered Email Templates
• Part-time VS Full-time Email Templates
• Preferred Childcare’s 11 Points of Culture
• Sample Agency Processes
• Handbooks
• Church Registration Forms
• New Church Checklists
• Nursery Proposals
• Payment Plan Documents
• Personality Tests
• Placement Processes
• Receiving Requests Guides
• Sitter Scheduling Templates
• Marketing Examples – Banners, Flyers, Gift Certificates, Postcards, and more.
• Marketing for recruitment examples
• Marketing to client’s examples
• College Marketing examples
• Marketing Full-time nanny examples
• Rock Card examples
• Client Lead Evaluation Workbook
• Marketing ideas for Agencies list
• New Client checklists
• Registration email templates
• Registration Process Outlines
• Follow-up Processes for Part time & Full-time Clients
• Payment Plan Options
• Applicant Tracker Workbooks
• Group Interview Process, Questions, and Follow-up
• Hiring Process Email Templates and Outlines
• Screening Interview Questions

Both our programmatic and ad hoc consultative packages offer a variety of tools and resources to support you.

Access to our comprehensive PCC Kit covering everything from marketing examples to legal contracts, forms, handbooks, process documents, interview guides, and much more. This kit has been compiled of decades of leading one of the largest fully-employed temporary care-giver staffing agencies in the country.

The PCC kit is available in a reference-only, non-printable, branded version for Agency Standard, Agency Elevated and Accelerator Standard clients to use as both a reference and model for their own documents.

The kit is also available in a full-access version with full-editing rights and templates to quickly and easily retrofit any template or document in the kit to your own agency’s brand. The fully-editable, full-access version is available for Accelerator Pro and Accelerator Elevated agency clients.

Monthly subscription to the MCC Agency Accelerator newsletter, packed with timely and useful tips, advice, tricks and tools to help you focus your efforts and drive improvements in your agency.

*Available through all MMC packages.
Group access (up to 8 participants) to the MMC Agency Accelerator monthly webinar, led by Megan Metzger and special guest industry experts. The Webinars cover a range of key topics most important to succeeding in today’s agency industry and business environment.

*Available through all MMC packages.
Unlimited access to the Agency Accelerator Portal, packed with tips, tricks, tools, templates and direct advice from the experts. This portal is a resource hub closed to the public and only available to MCC agency clients.

*Available through all MMC packages.
Lifetime Invite-only access to the Master-Class where Master-Class certified agencies can connect, collaborate and share best practices, tips, and receive exclusive access and benefits from the MMC caregiver “Master-Class” agency certification.

*Available in the Accelerator Standard, Accelerator Pro, and Accelerator Elevated packages.

Work with our exclusive partner, Peanut Media to strategically design/redesign your brand. The Comprehensive Brand Package includes:

  • Fully custom brand workshop
  • Logo system development
  • Brand standards and identity documentation
  • Facebook profile image
  • Facebook cover image development
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Return envelope design
  • Email signature design

And access exclusive deeper discounts on additional graphic design and digital services if needed, such as print promotions, search engine display advertising, website development, and digital support. And all brand and design work is fully integrated with the MMC Program’s brand and marketing consultative segments.

*Available in the Accelerator Elevated package.