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Starting a new business can be daunting, confusing, and exciting. All at the same time

Megan Metzger Consulting creates a road map and guides you step-by-step in creating, managing, and running your business

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Mature Agency

Are you an established agency looking to fine-tune and grow your business?
We Can Help You Grow!
We Can Help You Grow!
We have developed packages that range from programmatic content that dives into your current processes and business to either fine-tune an already well-oiled machine, or rebuild it from the ground-up
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Newly Launched Agency

Are you a newly launched agency looking to accelerate getting up and running?
We Can Help you Accelerate!
We Can Help You Getting Pro!
The MMC Agency Accelerator program was designed with you in mind. It will help you define your structure, establish your brand, and guide you, step-by-step, in creating, managing, and running your business.
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Unlock The PCC Kit

Get access to our comprehensive PCC Kit! It covers everything from marketing examples to legal contracts, forms, handbooks, process documents, interview guides, and much more. This kit has been compiled of decades of leading one of the largest fully-employed temporary care-giver staffing agencies in the country.

The PCC kit is available in a reference-only, non-printable, branded version for Agency Standard and Accelerator Standard clients to use as both a reference and model for their own documents.

The kit is also available in a full-access version with full-editing rights and templates to quickly and easily retrofit any template or document in the kit to your own agency’s brand. The fully-editable, full-access version is available for Accelerator Pro and Accelerator Premium agency clients.
  • Megan’s guidance and wisdom helped our agency beyond measure. She was a wealth of knowledge, offering wonderful insight to every question I had, helping me fine-tune and quicken our processes, and giving me direction moving forward, setting goals for the future. I would highly recommend Megan’s counsel no matter what season of business you are in!
    Rachel Adkins
    Founder, Nashville Nanny Agency
  • There are not enough words to thank you for how much you have helped throughout the past year.  There is absolutely no way I would be as successful as I am without your guidance.  I am so grateful that I can count on your guidance.
    Chrissy Green
    Founder, Capital City Childcare
  • I met Megan at a conference almost three years ago and quickly realized after meeting her that if I wanted to grow and take my agency to the next level I needed her help.

    I had no direction, felt completely alone and stressed out of my mind. It has been so comforting to know that I can rely on her with client questions and even call her crying when I've had a bad day.
    Long story short I have been with Megan for close to three years. She flew to Montana to help me with our processes and to help me hire my first employee, I was about to sell my agency before I met Megan, now I can't imagine giving it up! She gave me new appreciation and love for my business that I didn't think I would find again. Our Business has grown by 200% and that is entirely because of Megan.

    Megan is an incredible person and business woman. She is so knowledgeable and level headed. Her consulting is the best investment you will make for yourself and your agency.
    Karissa Erickson
    Founder, Four O Six Nannies
  • I reached out to Megan to help with a specific project I was working on for my business and she helped me immensely! She went above and beyond and always took the time to talk with me and answer my emails quickly when questions came up. Running a business there are always times when you will second guess yourself or just need someone to bounce ideas off of and talk things through with. 

    I am so thankful that I reached out to her and had her support through this challenging project! I would highly recommend her to any agency owner, whether you are brand new or have been in this business for years!
     Bayly Silverman
    Founder, Your Happy Nest
  • Working with Megan has been nothing short of AMAZING! I have benefited tremendously from her wealth of knowledge. Her guidance has been invaluable as I embarked on this new journey of small business ownership. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan!
    Kathy White
    Founder, Kidmin Care
  • I have been consulting with Megan for 6 months now and the amount of knowledge and expertise she brings to the table is incredible. Through Megan, I have also met other like-minded business owners who I am learning from and have built valuable relationships with that has helped me both professionally and personally. 

    Words cannot express how grateful I am for what Megan has done and continues to do for myself and my business.
    Jennifer Hasset
    Founder, A Perfect Fit Nanny Agency
  • I would give Megan 10 stars if I could! Her customized approach is thoughtful, timely, and relevant to each business she works with. I have seen tremendous growth in my agency since working with MMC and will continue to utilize the strategies she has given me as well as recommend her to others.
    Lydia Brown
    Founder, Chicago Collegiate Nannies & Boston Collegiate Nannies
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"Megan Metzger has been an excellent resource for my agency. The depth of her knowledge is exceptional. She was quick to understand my needs, what I wanted to accomplish, and helped me implement processes and strategies to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Megan to agencies with consulting/training needs or anyone looking to start an agency."
Betsy Fernandez
Owner, Bettsy Jane Agency
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